Davros: Megalomaniac, Creator of the Daleks

The Doctor and Davros

The Doctor and Davros

Where did this guy come from? Why does he look like that? These questions have not been directly addressed much in his six appearances throughout Televised Doctor Who, but rather through other spin-off media such as novels, comics, and audio dramas. He is a Kaled, a scientist from the planet Skaro--who once looked rather human. His appearance was a result of a bombardment from the Kaled's enemies, the Thals, which left him scarred and crippled. He is completely convinced that his creations are the pinnacle of superiority.

The 1975 serial Genesis of the Daleks is recommended watching for any Doctor Who fan who is curious about the origin of the Daleks. The Time Lords enlist the Fourth Doctor on a mission to Skaro's distant past to stop the creation of the Daleks. Clearly he did not succeed, but this story features the first appearance of Davros and explains the situation on the planet at the time and why the Daleks were created.

Davros returns in several other serials, however there aren't many earthshaking revelations about him or the Daleks. It seems the same thing happens over and over: The Daleks bring him back because they need him for some reason, Davros tries to regain control of them, the Daleks pretend to agree to his terms, than betray him again, The Doctor stops Davros and the Daleks and whatever they were up to, but he escapes, again....something like that.

Here are all of Davros's Television appearances.

  • Season 12, 1975, Fourth Doctor Genesis of the Daleks
  • Season 17, 1979, Fourth Doctor Destiny of the Daleks
  • Season 21, 1984, Fifth Doctor Resurrection of the Daleks
  • Season 22, 1985, Sixth Doctor Revelation of the Daleks
  • Season 25, 1988, Seventh Doctor Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Series 4, 2008, Tenth Doctor The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

Here is the TARDIS Data Core page for Davros for his history and a complete listing of all appearances. 

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The Master



Here's some information on old school Doctor Who with the Master (From Angela):

PS - I'm also going to list the episodes that have The Master in them for Ralff. Please don't read this on the podcast, lol.

Roger Delgado's Master. He's very different from what you know in John Simm, much more subdued, not so crazy and sarcastic, but I liked him a lot. Delgado was classy, as was Pertwee.

All of Season 8, The Third Doctor's second season:

  1. Terror of the Autons (yes, those are the same plastic aliens as in "Rose")
  2. The Mind of Evil
  3. The Claws of Axos
  4. The Colony In Space
  5. The Daemons

Season 9  

  1. The Sea Devils
  2. The Time Monster

Season 10

  1. Frontier In Space. The next episode with The Master was supposed to feature him sacrificing his own life to save The Doctor, but Roger Delgado tragically died in a car accident. Out of respect for him, they decided to not recast him for a very long time and came up with a stupid idea that it was his last regeneration. He appeared in season 14 in the serial "The Deadly Assassin", supposedly an emaciated corpse but it's the worst Halloween mask ever.

In Tom Baker's last couple of stories he returned, played by Anthony Ainley. Personal opinion, I think he tended to be too much of a campy, mustache twirling type of villain. Not Ainley's fault, but the writers. Some of the episodes he's in are really bad, but I'll list them all anyway.

  • Season 18
    • The Keeper of Traken
    • Logopolis
  • Season 19 -
    • Castrovalva
    • Time-Flight (one of the worst DW episodes ever)
  • Season 20 
    • The King's Demons
    • The Five Doctors (25th Anniversary story, a lot of fun)
  • Season 21 
    • Planet Of Fire
  • Season 22 
    • Mark of The Rani
  • Season 23
    • He's somewhere in this mess called "Trial of a Timelord".
  • Season 26 
    • Survival. This is the last story of classic Who. I think it's actually one of the better Ainley Master episodes, even though the Cheetah people are like the Ewoks of Doctor Who.

The TV movie...but I already mentioned that.

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