39: Dr. Who S5 Eps 13 & Christmas - DumbleGrinch

Our Christmas episode, in time for tax season!

Episode 13: The Big Bang

  • Boom!
  • Amy is a little kid and goes to the museum
  • Little Amy finds old Amy in the Pandorica
  • Time travel magic happens
  • The Doctor resets the universe
  • Amy & Rory get married and also Amy's parents exist
  • The Doctor comes back smooshing the Pandorica 
  • Sorta the End

Episode 14: A Christmas Carol

  • Doctor Who jumps the shark.
  • Christmas is cancelled!!  I think I remember this Rankin-Bass special.
  • Same old story. Old curmudgeon has lost the Christmas spirit, and has flying fish.
  • It's not creepy that he has a frozen young woman.
  • Sonic microphone.  Oh wait.  that's normal. 
  • Every-thing's got to end, otherwise nothing would ever get started.