38: Dr. Who S5 Eps 11&12: Roman Robo-Rory


The Lodger

  • I'm so sorry, something terrible's happened--can you help me please?
  • TARDIS jacked!
  • So, we're just not gonna talk about Rory at all?
  • Are you going to live with monkeys then?
  • Don't touch it--it's eeevuuull!
  • CRACK again...  Wedding ring

The Pandorica Opens

  • The Pandorica Opens -- universe's oldest golf tournament
  • Van Gogh, Churchill, Jail River, Liz10
  • Cesarean Doctor
  • Phillip J Fry particles?
  • My pandorica brings all the boys to the Henge. 
  • They're all robo-Romans.  including Roman robo-Rory. 
  • Silurians, multiform. cybermen, daleks, sontarans, judoon, 
  • Wait, aren't Judoon good guys? 
  • Game over man.