36: Dr. Who S5 Eps 7&8: Don't Dream it's Over a Silurian Mine


  • Kim has a Doctor Who Christmas tree topper
  • Angela shows us a little more Flesh and Stone

Episode 7: Amy's Choice

  • Very pregnant Amy and very pony-tailed Rory
  • Frozen star, retirement community aliens, & Dream Lord
  • Rory dream dies, so they all do.
  • Dream Lord shennagins, Doctor blows up TARDIS
  • It was all a dream.  And pollen.  And Amy loves Rory

Episode 8: The Hungry Earth

  • No Rio--Wales
  • Amy gets sucked into the ground after they wave at themselves.
  • Lizards wanna dissect Amy, but they trapped one in Meals on Wheels
  • But the Doctor finds a bazillion lizards underground
  • To be continued...