35: Dr. Who S5 Eps 5&6 - Together Again!


Episode 5: Flesh and Stone

  • Cliff Unhung
  • It's a Death trap AND a Time Bomb! See, I've thought about it!
  • Tree Borg. A forest in a spaceship is cool. 
  • Why is Amy counting DOWN??
  • Not remembering is a thing.
  • So is Pandorica

Episode 6:Vampires of Venice

  • Worst. Bachelor Party. Ever.
  • Very Lestat, Except their teeth are very multiform.
  • Duck face. Selfie forshadowing
  • I'm getting married in 430 years!
  • Turns out fish lobster vampire aliens are collecting human females for breeding. Typical. 
  • After The Doctor turns off the weather machine, head vampiress kills herself.
  • Then, they hear the silence.