34: Dr. Who S5 Eps 3&4 - River & Robuts & Angels. Oh my.

iDaleks  (based on original by Matt Mawson) 

iDaleks  (based on original by Matt Mawson) 

Victory of the Daleks

  • Churchill fighting Nazis with push sticks and Daleks
  • Excuse me, Bracewell Ironsides
  • There's a wormhole in my robut.
  • In the morning, I will be sober and you will still be a robot!
  • Get the new iDalek

The Time of Angels

  • Museum and a Black Box, and a River Song
  • Father Octavian & the Church police
  • Angel in my Eye--see kids, TV is bad for you.
  • Wait a minute--all these statues are ANGELS
  • Might as well jump