33: Dr. Who S5 Eps 1&2 - The Crack comes Back


  • Matt Smiths naked phone gets hacked.

Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour

  • Apples, yogurt, bacon, beans, bread and butter--bleck!
  • This is where the Fish Fingers and Custard comes from.
  • Everyone's aunt is better than the Doctor.
  • Multiforms overfloss.
  • Atraxi search for Prisoner Zero with their iShips.
  • The crack is Bad Wolf 

Episode 2:The Beast Below

  • Starship UK is my electronica Pink Floyd cover band.
  • Liz X, Assassin's Creed Queen
  • The Doctor has known many Queens
  • Zoltar the Teaching Machine
  • It's as big as a whale!  And it's about to set sail.
  • Protest or Forget Fish finger custard.