31: Dr. Who S4 Eps 16&17 - I am the Ood Who Knocks

Planet of the Dead

  • Hello Kitty, sorry lover--Lara Crofty
  • Started out Entrapment, became English Patient.
  • Some huge insects with a TiVo
  • Christina's backpack is built on TARDIS technology.
  • Pizza guy from There's Something About Mary
  • The Doctor is the Fonzie of alien machines.
  • Malcolm Taylor loves The Doctor  Really lots.

The Waters of Mars

  • Gadget gadget?!?  Who talks like that? 
  • Carrots are supposed to be good for you.
  • Andy's taking a leak.
  • Things no one says, ever: "We've got do date the infection."
  • All these fixed points in time are broken.
  • An Ood

30: Dr. Who S4 Eps 14&15 - One Hand, One Heart


  • A BBC Chart - Doctor Who: 50 years of time travel in the TARDIS
  • Email from Angela - where to stream all the old Doctor Who.  Short answer: Amazon and Hulu+

Episode 14: Journey's End

  • German-ating Daleks
  • Playthings of Davros is my The Donnas cover band
  • Dalek Pep Rally!!
  • Weapons non-functional.  Um... this has never happened to me before. 
  • Is there a good kind of metacrisis to have?

Episode 15: The Next Doctor

  • Christmastime in old London.  A first.  But! Something is amiss. 
  • Wait, you're the doctor?  Then who am I?  I mean Who am I! 
  • My TARDIS is Totally Awesome Ratatouille Dinner Including Spaghetti 
  • Aren't all screwdrivers sonic then?
  • No problem so big it can't be solved with a fugue state, infostamps, a time vortex, and raw emotion.

29: Dr. Who S4 Eps 12&13 - Sliding Donnas and Everyone Ever


  •  It was just the 50th anniversary of the end of the first season of Doctor Who 

Turn Left 

  • Sliding Donnas 
  • It's a Wonderful Series 3
  • The Case of the Mysterious Hair-Dini.
  • There was something about that fortune teller that bugged Donna. 
  • Two words: Bad Frakkin Wolf.

The Stolen Earth

  • Everyone ever.
  • Rosies Got a Gun
  • Many new vocab words.
  • Dalek Caan is DaleCaan-crazy.
  • You know, Daleks are pretty steam-punk.
  • Harriet Jones (FPM) has Skype.  Or was it Google+?
  • Judoon, Clom,  Poosh.  Now you're just making stuff up. 

28: Dr. Who S4 Eps 10&11 - Midnight of the Dead. Of the Forest


  • We didn't win our Parsec category, but big thanks to everyone that rooted and hollered for us !
  • Some new Doctor or something.

Episode 10: Forest of the Dead

  • Twisty face Miss Evangelista
  • Tron plus The Matrix plus 
  • Are you Saved?
  • Donna gets, loses matrix husband.
  • Upgraded Sonic Screwdriver, with Self-Storage option.
  • Second Library.

Episode 11: Midnight

  • I liked this the first time when it was called "Every Twilight Zone Ever".
  • This alien is very good at "Row, Row, Row your Boat"
  • Flakes on a Plane.

27: Dr. Who S4 Eps 8&9 - Moon River


Episode 8: The Unicorn and the Wasp

  • So much Agatha Christie.
  • Also a lot of Wasp.  Only a little unicorn.
  • Flapper or slapper, unicorn on the loose, Noddy, other bus, Bottle off? What language is this EPISODE IN??
  • Safety tip: Donna's kiss can cure you of poison.  With anchovies.
  • Basically the plot of an Agatha Christie movie, or Pink Panther, or Colombo
  • Shakespeare Orb!

Episode 9: Silence in the Library

  • Matrix-y.  The girl is a ball. Or the reverse. 
  • Moon, River, Doctor, Archaeologist.
  • River knows the Doc, and has a screwdriver and a Squarenger™
  • Vashta Narada.  Shadows bad, mmmkay?
  • Donna forced to be a librarian.
  • Cliff Hung.

26: Dr. Who S4 Eps 6&7 - No More Hath Measures


Episode 6: The Poison Sky

  • Cliff hang-ha!
  • Code Red air quality alert day--also Sontarans, so stay inside.
  • Doctor thinks the general is his mummy.
  • Back. Of. The. Neck. Good Work for a female. 
  • That's some stratagem, that stratagem one. 

Episode 7: The Doctor's Daughter

On a  very special Time Lord episode of Jerry Springer...

  • The Doctor's Daughter is Buffy. 
  • General Hair Gel
  • Buffy the Doctor Daughter 
  • Donna has wiles and there's a robut mouse. 
  • Something fishy about the Hath. Might be their Gatorade.
  • Cool the beans, Rambo.
  • Martha goes for a walk in goop with her new friend Gil
  • Donna temp powers--activate! 

25: Dr. Who S4 Eps 4&5 - Ood Club For Stratagems



and Peter Davison's dreamy eyes.

and Peter Davison's dreamy eyes.

  • We got a couple emails regarding the relationship(s) between Tennant and Davison--but will will read them on next weeks show, since they fit better there because of reasons.
  • Angela wrote us about The Master and his canonicity...
The Ood Abides

The Ood Abides

Episode 4: Planet of the Ood

  • Ood are back & need Visine & you can buy one & they will kill you!
  • Puking your self into an Ood
  • Lord Percy Captain Darling CEO
  • I'm not just the CEO, I'm an Ood! 
  • DoctorDonna, Doc OR Donna, Docker Donner? 
  • We assume the mean they Spin Doctors' songs must end.


Episode 5: The Sontaran Stratagem

  • A dent in the 1980s?
  • Martha!  And she's got a big UNIT. 
  • Rattigan, Brat again.
  • Sontarans are kinda dumpy.  Humpty Dumpty
  • I'm not racist, but all Sontaran look the same to me.
  • Cliff Hanga-ha! 

24: Dr. Who S4 Eps 2&3 - Just Walk Away


On Aug 23, Doctor Who series 8 (with the new Doctor) premieres and will be simulcast in theaters.

Episode 2 Partners in Crime

  • Oh--Donna!
  • Golden Pill
  • Sonic battles and Nanny Splat.
  • Blue Rose!?!

Episode 3 The Fires of Pompeii

  • Not Rome: Missing hills--extra VOLCANO!
  • Marble merchant looks familiar
  • Bring it on down to Pyrovillia
  • Squirt guns work on cats and lava monsters
  • Hand to Eye Coordination