39: Dr. Who S5 Eps 13 & Christmas - DumbleGrinch

Our Christmas episode, in time for tax season!

Episode 13: The Big Bang

  • Boom!
  • Amy is a little kid and goes to the museum
  • Little Amy finds old Amy in the Pandorica
  • Time travel magic happens
  • The Doctor resets the universe
  • Amy & Rory get married and also Amy's parents exist
  • The Doctor comes back smooshing the Pandorica 
  • Sorta the End

Episode 14: A Christmas Carol

  • Doctor Who jumps the shark.
  • Christmas is cancelled!!  I think I remember this Rankin-Bass special.
  • Same old story. Old curmudgeon has lost the Christmas spirit, and has flying fish.
  • It's not creepy that he has a frozen young woman.
  • Sonic microphone.  Oh wait.  that's normal. 
  • Every-thing's got to end, otherwise nothing would ever get started.

38: Dr. Who S5 Eps 11&12: Roman Robo-Rory


The Lodger

  • I'm so sorry, something terrible's happened--can you help me please?
  • TARDIS jacked!
  • So, we're just not gonna talk about Rory at all?
  • Are you going to live with monkeys then?
  • Don't touch it--it's eeevuuull!
  • CRACK again...  Wedding ring

The Pandorica Opens

  • The Pandorica Opens -- universe's oldest golf tournament
  • Van Gogh, Churchill, Jail River, Liz10
  • Cesarean Doctor
  • Phillip J Fry particles?
  • My pandorica brings all the boys to the Henge. 
  • They're all robo-Romans.  including Roman robo-Rory. 
  • Silurians, multiform. cybermen, daleks, sontarans, judoon, 
  • Wait, aren't Judoon good guys? 
  • Game over man. 

37: Dr. Who S5 Eps 9&10: Lizard, Actually


Cindy Lou who, who was no more than two

Cindy Lou who, who was no more than two

Cold Blood

  • Previously, on Doctor Who: Future Rory&Amy, Diggers, Lizards.
  • It's not easy being green. 
  • Are those weapons or lizard blow-dryers?
  • Secret lizard-man handshake 
  • Suspiciously sleestaky
  • Eldane
  • CRACK!! 
  • Flying spaghetti monster

Vincent and the Doctor

  • Bill Nighy AND written by Richard Curtis :) 
  • Dark Knight
  • Krafayis? 
  • Did you know your last name is Klingon food?
  • Easel caltrop! 
  • Save all the big stuff for the end. 

36: Dr. Who S5 Eps 7&8: Don't Dream it's Over a Silurian Mine


  • Kim has a Doctor Who Christmas tree topper
  • Angela shows us a little more Flesh and Stone

Episode 7: Amy's Choice

  • Very pregnant Amy and very pony-tailed Rory
  • Frozen star, retirement community aliens, & Dream Lord
  • Rory dream dies, so they all do.
  • Dream Lord shennagins, Doctor blows up TARDIS
  • It was all a dream.  And pollen.  And Amy loves Rory

Episode 8: The Hungry Earth

  • No Rio--Wales
  • Amy gets sucked into the ground after they wave at themselves.
  • Lizards wanna dissect Amy, but they trapped one in Meals on Wheels
  • But the Doctor finds a bazillion lizards underground
  • To be continued...

35: Dr. Who S5 Eps 5&6 - Together Again!


Episode 5: Flesh and Stone

  • Cliff Unhung
  • It's a Death trap AND a Time Bomb! See, I've thought about it!
  • Tree Borg. A forest in a spaceship is cool. 
  • Why is Amy counting DOWN??
  • Not remembering is a thing.
  • So is Pandorica

Episode 6:Vampires of Venice

  • Worst. Bachelor Party. Ever.
  • Very Lestat, Except their teeth are very multiform.
  • Duck face. Selfie forshadowing
  • I'm getting married in 430 years!
  • Turns out fish lobster vampire aliens are collecting human females for breeding. Typical. 
  • After The Doctor turns off the weather machine, head vampiress kills herself.
  • Then, they hear the silence. 

34: Dr. Who S5 Eps 3&4 - River & Robuts & Angels. Oh my.

iDaleks  (based on original by Matt Mawson) 

iDaleks  (based on original by Matt Mawson) 

Victory of the Daleks

  • Churchill fighting Nazis with push sticks and Daleks
  • Excuse me, Bracewell Ironsides
  • There's a wormhole in my robut.
  • In the morning, I will be sober and you will still be a robot!
  • Get the new iDalek

The Time of Angels

  • Museum and a Black Box, and a River Song
  • Father Octavian & the Church police
  • Angel in my Eye--see kids, TV is bad for you.
  • Wait a minute--all these statues are ANGELS
  • Might as well jump

33: Dr. Who S5 Eps 1&2 - The Crack comes Back


  • Matt Smiths naked phone gets hacked.

Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour

  • Apples, yogurt, bacon, beans, bread and butter--bleck!
  • This is where the Fish Fingers and Custard comes from.
  • Everyone's aunt is better than the Doctor.
  • Multiforms overfloss.
  • Atraxi search for Prisoner Zero with their iShips.
  • The crack is Bad Wolf 

Episode 2:The Beast Below

  • Starship UK is my electronica Pink Floyd cover band.
  • Liz X, Assassin's Creed Queen
  • The Doctor has known many Queens
  • Zoltar the Teaching Machine
  • It's as big as a whale!  And it's about to set sail.
  • Protest or Forget Fish finger custard.

32: Dr. Who S4 Eps 18&19 - #ImmortalityGate

This is the end, my only friend, the end.

This is the end, my only friend, the end.


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  • Email from Robert P.

The End of Time - Part 1

  • Lucy Saxon & Grampa Donna
  • Stained glass TARDIS
  • Oods still need Visine™
  • Master Race.  He did NOT go there.
  • Who is the NARRATOR?  Oh, some Time Lord in the Imperial Senate.
  • Also James Bond.

The End of Time - Part 2

  • Donna brainsplosion
  • Bannakaffalatta is the fruit of the Vinvocci (Cactus people)
  • Wilfred is Luke Skywalker
  • Other Time Lords are buttheads
  • Cantina Jack
  • Judoon, Raxacorifalapatorians, Hath, Alonso My!
  • Ood Music
  • Goodbye to everyone -- Hello, Matt Smith